Fall Wedding Flowers

While many weddings tend to be classic and traditional affairs, there is still room for a little trend watching, particularly in choosing your fall wedding flowers. Not only does keeping an eye on the current trends give you some great ideas, it can make your wedding stand out from the bunch, by adding a pinch of difference. One of the best ways to follow trends in your wedding is with your wedding flowers.

Fall offers so many choices in terms of gorgeous flower colors. Of course there are the magnificent colors of nature – gold and deep red from fall leaves, crisp blues of the skies, russets and oranges of the fall harvest. Fall wedding flowers are of course available in all these colors, but there is so much more.

No longer are weddings a white and red affair. Every color of the rainbow is being used, with chocolate now being very popular. The great thing about chocolate is it is neutral and combines well with any other color. Trends this season are moving towards more vibrant fall wedding flowers, particularly for bridesmaids. The use of bright, bold colors is becoming much more popular and works particularly well with the colors of fall. To add a little sparkle to your flowers, consider using crystals. They are available in a variety of sizes and can beautifully tie the look of your flowers in with your dress.

Callas are becoming one of the most popular fall wedding flowers. Used on their own they create very striking, sophisticated lines. They combine equally well with other flowers to provide a contrast in form. The colors available for mini callas are just amazing now. From subtle to bold, they will add a real impact to your flowers.

Another popular flower this season is the gerbera which has a much more casual look than the calla and the ever popular rose. They too are available in a multitude of gorgeous colors, so you are sure to find one that perfectly fits your wedding theme.

Delphiniums are fabulous and gaining popularity. Their flower spikes can add structure to your bouquets and arrangements. I particularly love delph’s because of their gorgeous blue shades, which can be difficult to come by in other flowers. They are also available in whites and pinks.

Of course, you may prefer flowers that aren’t naturally available in the fall. Out of season flowers are available at a premium. Your florist will be able to suggest in season alternatives that will still provide the look you have in mind. However, if you have your heart set on out of season varieties consider smaller bouquets and arrangements or even better, combine a few more expensive flowers with cheaper in season ones.

To learn more about this season’s trends check out this article from Elle.

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